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WoHo single family homes are made up of two types of systems, some most fitting for small-to-medium scale buildings. They are made up of components that assemble into a structural grid, particularly suited for residential and other compatible retail, office or parking uses. With spans ranging from 16 to 20 ft, spaces within the grid can be connected or separated three-dimensionally based on specific project needs; and others most fitting for big-scale, loft-type and high-rise buildings.


The Villa Concept

flecha roja1.png
flecha roja1.png



Ground Level

  • Outdoor Stair

  • Structural Wall

  • Column

  • Chimney

  • Opaque Partition

Roof Garden

  • Dry Slab

  • Solar panels

First Level

  • Wet Slab

  • 2 Bathroom  Chasis

  • Wet Wall 

  • Dry Wall

  • Sliding Window

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